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As part of the Ready To Book series of workshops, Jodi Kaplan teaches RTB Topics which complement the Ready To Book Intensives and Seminars (see Ready To Book section).

RTB Topics are INFORMATIVE workshops that cover one specific booking area and are geared towards larger groups. They focus on one booking or touring subject and may include a guest artist or panel of experts.

Booking workshops are offered in NYC as part of The Field's program. To register, click here.

Jodi Kaplan is also available to teach RTB topics as part of a Ready To Book residency. For more information email:

RTB Topics - 2 hours

How to Get an Agent
The secrets of how to get a booking agent will be revealed in this workshop! You feel ready to be on a booking agent's roster, or at least you want to know about the agencies that are out there and how they work. This workshop will cover the differences between smaller agencies and larger agencies, agent retainer fees, how to work with an agent, and most importantly - how to get one! (Past guests include Jeannette Gardner - Gardner Arts Network, John Claasen - Pentacle, and Ken Maldonado - Zia Artists.)

Working with an Agent
If you are thinking about getting an agent or already have one, this workshop will help you understand how agents and their artists work together. It will cover the differences between agents, their working styles, agent retainer fees, and how to work with one. (Guests include Maurice Montoya - president of Maurice Montoya Music Agency.)

Working with Presenters
The secrets of how to work with presenters (theater programmers) will be revealed in this workshop! If you are thinking about touring or already have performance engagements lined up, this workshop will help you understand how artists and presenters work together. The workshop will cover the presenters‚ point of view and help artists understand what they need. The booking field is about networking, if a presenter is happy, artists will be invited back and get recommendations for other bookings. (Guests include Bill Bragin - programmer for Joe's Pub.)

Block Booking
This workshop will explore how a booking agent and a touring artist work together to create a successful tour. Jodi Kaplan & Associates will discuss the step-by-step process of designing, booking, and completing a recent tour. Specific issues that will be addressed include artist/agent responsibilities, negotiating before, during, and after the gig, and how to prepare for the unexpected. (Past guest -

Long Term Residencies
How to cooperate with presenters so "everybody wins!" This workshop will cover how to create successful long term residencies and repeat engagements. Jodi Kaplan & Associates will discuss the process of booking several long term residency programs. Jodi Kaplan has worked together with many artists on four month-long residencies including repeat engagements in New Orleans and Wisconsin. Specific issues that will be addressed include creating work on communities, developing extensive outreach activities, helping presenters with grant descriptions for long term residencies, and keeping the work fresh when returning to a community. (Past guest - RebeccaStenn/PerksDanceMusicTheatre)

Showcasing at APAP
Professional booking agent Jodi Kaplan will reveal the ins and outs of how to have a successful showcase at the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) conference. Why showcase? Should you showcase? What to showcase? How long to showcase? Where to showcase? These questions and more will be answered in detail. (Past guest - David Parker & The Bang Group).

The Booking Cycle
Timing is everything! The Booking Cycle is a brand new workshop emphasizing the importance of timing in the business of booking tours. The booking world works on its own timeline and the details of this professional calendar will be covered. Participants will walk away with a clear knowledge of what happens WHEN and more importantly what to do WHEN. The differences between USA and international booking schedules will also be discussed. The booking cycle is the backbone of the touring industry.

Making the Most of APAP
Learn how to get the most out of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters’ national booking conference. Recommendations and tips will be offered on how to make connections with presenters and best showcase your work during the conference. The ins and outs of conference etiquette will also be covered.



Upcoming Workshops:

Emerging Artist Workshop

Coming Fall 2009

Jodi will be teaching extended weekend workshops in conjunction with Development Consultant Fran Kirmser and Web/Graphic Designer Kari Hansbarger to introduce emerging artists to the business side of the dance world.

For more details please email or check back with us this coming fall!



Setting Your Fees
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Being Your Own Agent
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

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  "RTB gave me a lot of hope and energy. It was also a boost just to meet other artists and work together to think about how to promote ourselves."
– Laura Meyers, Performance Artist (Press Kit Intensive)


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