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Jodi Kaplan & Associates offers two levels of representation for artists through its Main Roster and its Boutique Roster.

Main Roster
Jodi Kaplan & Associates provides exclusive booking representation for her Main Roster Artists. The agency initiates, follows up, negotiates and contracts all performance engagements domestically and internationally. Jodi Kaplan & Associates selects a small yet diverse Main Roster to ensure that each company gets personal attention. This year the Main Roster Artists have enjoyed performing at The Joyce Theater, the World Financial Center, Dance Theater Workshop, at Jacob's Pillow and among others. Theaters contact Jodi Kaplan & Associates for Main Roster bookings.

Boutique Roster
Jodi Kaplan & Associates represents a Boutique Roster consisting of self-representing and enthusiastically ready-to-book dance companies. JK&A first established the NYC Boutique Roster as a way of helping NYC dance companies increase their visibility to presenters. It is the ideal segue between no agent affiliation and working with an agent. For many companies this is the ideal level of service needed to book extensive tours "in house." Through conference representation, distribution of a Boutique Roster DVD, and exposure to presenters via the website, Boutique Roster companies improve their chances of potential bookings while at the same time saving financially. The National Boutique Roster consists of dance companies from around the United States that reflect both a wide range of styles and strong ties to their local communities. JK&A's National Boutique Roster seeks to increase national awareness of dance from all parts of the country. JK&A also pairs NYC Boutique Roster companies and National/International  Boutique Roster companies to offer an added bonus for the artists to collaborate on performance projects and offer exposure and support to each other. This year JK&A is excited to announce an addition to the Boutique Roster. The International Boutique Roster provides companies outside of the United States an opportunity to promote dance from around the world alongside National and NYC companies. Each company also receives continued guidance from JK&A as well as networking opportunities with all the other Boutique Roster companies and their contacts. A dedicated associate from Jodi Kaplan & Associates oversees the Boutique Roster. Theaters contact companies directly for Boutique Roster bookings.

The overall motto of the Boutique Roster is "helping artists help themselves and helping artists help each other."

Benefits of Boutique Roster
The Boutique Roster consists of a selection of the best self-representing and enthusiastically ready-to-book dance companies from across the country. (A majority of top NYC Boutique Roster companies and an exclusive selection of accomplished National and International Boutique Roster companies.) This is an opportunity to increase your company's exposure to potential presenters nationwide. The Boutique Roster provides conference representation and networking opportunities. Its proven success over the past four years has prompted presenters and festivals to seek out this diverse roster. Many Boutique Roster companies have booked touring to prestigious venues such as Jacob's Pillow and even a month long Italian engagement through their affiliation with JK&A.

Being part of the Boutique Roster includes:
- Representation at US Regional booking conferences and APAP
 - International visibility
 - A fully produced APAP showcase
 - Pre/Post APAP conference meetings and conference calls
 - Conference follow-up information packets (2 packets-one from regionals/
 one from APAP)
 - One individual pitch session
 - One wrap up consultation
 - Networking opportunities with other Boutique Roster companies
- Featured in monthly newsletter sent out to thousands of presenters (click here to access sample past presenter newsletters)
 - Private Boutique Roster workshops and consultations with Jodi Kaplan (at reduced fees)
 - Second APAP showcase option (at additional fee)

By participating in the above as a member of the Boutique Roster, companies gain the benefits of conference exposure at a fraction of the cost. (The cost of attending these booking conferences and producing a showcase would be at least four times as much as the fee charged.) In this way, Jodi Kaplan & Associates is helping companies reach their goals at a substantial savings.

All Boutique Roster companies are responsible for their own follow-up/bookings. They are separate from Jodi Kaplan & Associates' Main Roster, which consists of companies that are booked directly through the agency. It is recommended that all Boutique Roster applicants have touring experience and a strong organizational structure in place to do the appropriate follow-up necessary with interested presenters. It is required that BR companies have strong promotional materials (press kit and DVD/video and website) and administrative support staff.

There is a one-year commitment from July 2015 through July 2016. Applications are accepted now through June 20, 2015 and acceptance letters will be mailed July 6, 2015. Cost is an annual fee of $2,775, payable on/before July 20, 2015. APAP showcases are an additional cost for one showcase or for two showcases payable on/before November 1, 2015. There is a $200 "First-timers Fee" for all new companies, which covers the cost of the introductory workshop "Being on the Boutique Roster," press kit feedback, and an extended pitch session.


If you have questions regarding the Boutique Roster or the application process, please contact Jodi Kaplan & Associates at:


"Working with Jodi Kaplan is an experience of professionalism with the perfect amount of personal touch. I look forward to working on more projects with her because I am confident in the positivity of both the process and result.”
- Donna Scro, Artistic Director, Donna Scro Gentile/Freespace Dance (Boutique Roster Artist)


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