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Formerly known as SueMo Dance, and based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Morgan Williams` Water Street Dance Milwaukee has been a dominant force in the Milwaukee arts scene and the greater midwest dance community, and only continues to excel further under the company`s new vision. While maintaining a homebase in the midwest, the company has expanded its reach nationally to major cities, touring within the past year to San Francisco, CA; New York City, NY; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; and St. Louis, MO. Committed to understanding and exploring all aspects of concert dance, the company places an emphasis on the creative process and producing dynamic and unique contemporary works that are both expressive and entertaining.

Touring Programs/ Video Links:

Music Suites
Music Suites combines both athletic and emotional choreography to create a unique, expressive work of concert dance. Music Suites is an intimate and relatable work that is sure to create an emotional connection and response in audience members of all backgrounds.

Live! explores various states of the human condition, inclusive to individual experiences and those occurring in relationships. Live! is composed of three separate works: Broken Chord; Action, Re Action & Words; and Beginning with an End, ensuring a comprehensive and unique concert dance experience for audience members.

Symbiosis is a multi-media performance that combines powerful choreography with dynamic stage elements to produce an exciting and strong work of concert dance. Symbiosis features four separate sections and is a movement-based work of concert dance bound to stimulate the senses.

Purple Veins
Purple Veins is a lively and energetic performance, incorporating a range of stylistic and staging elements. Featuring the music of Prince, Purple Veins is a stimulating, exciting, and entertaining production for all.

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