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Based in Boston, KAIROS Dance Theater is an eclectic contemporary dance company committed to creating emotionally powerful, viscerally-charged performances for theaters, galleries, museums, site-specific venues and non-conventional spaces. The company is dedicated to creating work built around the experience of building connections and using the body as an instrument of power and expression. For the past fifteen years, KAIROS Dance Theater has enabled dancers to discover their voices and embrace the importance of their own stories within the context of carefully-crafted & customized performances throughout New England, New York and internationally.

Touring Programs:

MINISTRY is an evening-length, multimedia dance theatre work that explores the feminine experience, questions of gender, and the resilience present in communities of women, survivors, and femmes. Age-old stories bind femininity to specific roles, telling women how to look and act. Through movement, KAIROS breaks down the unattainable standards created by gender stereotypes.


STRETCH / HOOK is a powerful and provocative live performance integrating sculptural installation, dance, and live music. The installation, consisting of mammoth rays of illuminated spandex growing out of the ground and surrounding architecture, slices across the space, creating an immersive landscape for the dancer to discover and traverse. Also featuring a live musician, the three elements intertwine and drive each other, culminating in a literal unraveling and exciting transformation of the installation itself.


THAT GIRL & THE OTHER ONE is a narrative stream depicting the interactive landscape between women and their struggle to exist in a culturally `look-obsessed`, `competitive`, `jealous` environment. The two dancers move from one enigmatic vignette to the next; scenes are skewed, thrown away and then curiously reappear, following the ever determined emotional `logic` of girls` relationships with each other.


HER is a 90-minute contemporary dance production that explores the experiences of women and girls of all ages. This narrative journey weaves together powerful, multi-sensory images depicting aggression, bullying, friendship, love, conformity, identity, and isolation, demonstrating the varied and powerful pathways that women walk as they relate to each other and their world.

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