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booking DANCE FESTIVAL africa 2011
Cape Town

Continuing with the Festival’s mission of bridging political gaps through cultural connections, producer Jodi Kaplan/ BookingDance is thrilled to announce the upcoming Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Africa 2010.

As in Beijing 2008, this Festival will be pairing top American companies with the best of Africa’s dance artists in a Festival of performances, education and outreach.

booking DANCE FESTIVAL africa 2011:  This invitation only Festival will feature professional dance companies from around the globe at Cape Town’s premiere dance venue in a 1-2 week festival in July 2011. The Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Africa 2011 offers each company a 20-minute showcase during this exciting International Festival. Jodi Kaplan & Associates will coordinate all aspects of the Festival including marketing, technical and theatre arrangements, press and accommodation. (Please note that hotel costs are in addition to the performance fee. However, JK&A provides accommodation coordination for Festival housing). The Festival offers opportunities for each participating company to receive reviews from the International press as well as International exposure to presenters worldwide. The average cost to independently produce a show of this caliber would begin at 25k. JK&A is excited to offer a Festival that allows for affordable International performances!

With the recent success of Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Beijing 2008, Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Edinburgh 2009 and in anticipation of Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Edinburgh 2010, we are looking forward to another exciting year of dance abroad. We anticipate that participating companies will receive international press and future touring as part of this rewarding cultural exchange.

Benefits include:

By coordinating this dance festival to coincide with sporting events will ensure a huge influx of international press and attention. Our festival in Beijing 2008 coincided with the summer Olympics and this proved extraordinarily advantageous on an international scale. Please refer to a feature story in Dance Magazine’s February 2009 issue highlighting our Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Beijing 2008 with attention given to participating companies. The Associate Editor of Dance Magazine, Emily Macel, traveled to Beijing to attend the festival and provide extensive coverage for our artists. 

It is the intention of Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Africa 2011 to do extensive outreach to festivals and international presenters throughout Africa and the region in the hopes of helping to secure future tours for participating artists.

Cultural Exchange
Booking DANCE FESTIVAL Africa 2011 will also invite Africa’s top dance artists to be guests at the festival and share the stage with USA/North American companies.

While specific details are still underway, we invite you to contact the Festival office directly to indicate your interest in participating in this exciting Festival.




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“Let’s hope that there are many more dance festivals of this caliber in the capital.”
-- Metropolis Magazine, September 2008


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