Jodi Kaplan teaches a series of booking workshops to help artists gain insights into the professional world of touring as they prepare to move forward in their careers.

Ready to Book Intensives and Seminars are INTERACTIVE workshops that involve participants in hands-on exercises.

Ready To Book (RTB) Intensives cover a range of subjects that give a strong foundation for companies to book tours.

RTB Seminars are in-depth workshops that focus on one booking topic, allowing time for participants to receive individual attention.

RTB Topics are INFORMATIVE workshops that cover one specific booking area and are designed for larger groups.

Since Jodi Kaplan's first workshops were held, thousands of participants have made significant progress in their careers as a result of this program.

Teaching Availability
With a rather accomplished teaching history, Jodi Kaplan is available to teach Ready To Book workshops in communities, colleges, or arts organizations throughout the USA and internationally. She designs one day, two day or week long RTB residencies that reflect the specific needs of participants. For example, Ms. Kaplan designed a RTB program with the Arizona Commission on the Arts that included a RTB seminar "Long Term Booking Goals" (via conference call) and a two day on-site workshop including a RTB II Intensive, a Press Kit Seminar and a Take the $$$ and Tour seminar (see descriptions below). Ms. Kaplan also completed a residency in Atlanta for CORE Performance Company in which she taught RTB intensives for its dance community and consulted with the company on developing a Tour Business Plan.

For more information on teaching engagements email:
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Ready To Book Intensives - 6 hours
RTB Seminars - 4 hours

Ready To Book Intensives
Ready To Book I
Ready To Book provides comprehensive coverage of specific booking topics including conferences, domestic block booking, pitching to presenters, and contracts. The workshop also includes a general overview of booking materials and question/answer sessions covering advice on how to create the best possible touring program. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how the booking business works and some important tools to succeed.

Overview of Booking, Conferences & Follow-Up
"Who is who?" Identifying the roles of presenters, artists and agents. The inside scoop - everything you ever wanted to know about booking conferences! This workshop will cover details of regional, national, and international conferences and the best way to follow up on your leads.

Domestic Block Booking
This workshop covers the "ins and outs" of booking tours. What is an "anchor"? How do you "block book"? What are the different approaches to finalizing a tour?

Working With Presenters: The Art of Pitching
How do you "sell" yourself? A practicum on pitching your project to presenters. This section will also cover the importance of "the presenter is always right": how to cooperate with your presenter so "everybody wins"!

How to "seal the deal" and make the most of your confirmed opportunities! The details of actual contracts will be reviewed so that you will have a full understanding of what is what.

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Ready To Book II
Ready To Book II provides comprehensive coverage on specific booking topics
including international bookings and the nuances of working with presenters/booking agents.

International Touring
Explore the cultural differences of touring worldwide and how to negotiate internationally.

Press Kits/Videos
How to best present and market your work to interested parties. Participants will learn the ins/outs of the successful press kits/videos. Time will be allotted for participants to receive feedback on their press kits and videos, and to experience a step-by-step realistic evaluation of these materials.

Agents vs. Booking on Your Own
Discover the pros and cons of representing yourself versus working with a professional. Decide which is right for you: using personal contacts with theaters or working with professional networks. Agent's rosters and styles of booking and how to identify appropriate fees and commissions will be discussed.

The Art of Successful Booking
Additional topics will include artistic programming and touring logistics as well as question/answer

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RTB Seminars
RTB: Follow-up With Presenters
The "inside scoop" for performing artists booking their own tours - everything you ever wanted to know about the best way to follow-up with all of your leads. This workshop will feature tips on timing and techniques for calls, e-mails, letters and mailings to get you bookings. The secrets of negotiation tactics will enable participants to confidently deal with theater presenters. Participants will walk away with a clear knowledge of what to do and when to do it (and hopefully a contract or two).

RTB: The Perfect Pitch
"How do you sell your work?", a practicum on pitching your project to presenters. This is the single most important skill you need to book your company with confidence. The workshop will help you identify what makes your work unique, different, "stand out" and how to effectively communicate your project to the right people in the right way at the right time!

RTB: The Art of Successful Touring
The art of successful touring - once the contract is booked, the work really begins! This workshop helps you in dealing with details and planning logistics, press, and smooth sailing on-site. This workshop will also cover the importance of "the presenter is always right" and how to cooperate with your presenter so "everybody wins!"

RTB: Take the $$$ and Tour
Find out everything you need to know about $$$ and touring: what theaters pay, what other companies get, and what you deserve. This booking intensive is recommended for artists who are planning to tour or are currently touring. The workshop will help you learn to ask for what you need, get what you deserve, and finalize an accurate working budget that will cover all touring costs- so you will not lose money! You will also learn negotiating tactics and the secrets of who gets what.

RTB: Press Kit Intensive
This booking intensive is recommended for artists who would like to re-examine their press kits. The workshop will cover all aspects of press kits, including various press kit options, the latest trends, and how to use these packages to get positive results. Participants should plan to bring a copy of their press kit and any other related materials for feedback and to learn the "insider" way of evaluating them.

RTB: Video Intensive
This one-day booking intensive is recommended for artists who would like to learn about promotional videos in the current booking market. The workshop will cover all the essentials of making a successful promotional video. There will be time for participants to view samples and gain feedback on their current promo videos.

RTB: Work Samples
Participants will learn the ins/outs of successful promotional videos, DVDs, CDs, etc. Time will be allotted for participants to receive feedback on their samples from a booking perspective, and to experience a step-by-step realistic evaluation. This workshop is a combination of the Press Kit and Video Intensives with additional discussion of coordinating marketing materials for an overall company image.

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This 3-hour intensive workshop features sessions focused on bookings with Talent Representative Jodi Kaplan and fundraising with Producer Fran Kirmser.



Virtual Programming Committee | Guest Speaker


Dance Program
Guest speaker on Booking and Networking within the dance industry


Jodi Kaplan hosted a free professional development workshop geared towards college students, recent graduates and emerging dance professionals. Topics discussed included: industry conferences, touring, pitching to presenters, contracts, networking, and more!




In New York City, Jodi Kaplan founded and developed a series of career workshops for arts professionals at The Field. She taught some of the most recognized artists in the field for over a decade during her tenture there. She currently offers quarterly seminars on booking topics to her roster.

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  "RTB gave me a lot of hope and energy. It was also a boost just to meet other artists and work together to think about how to promote ourselves."
– Laura Meyers, Performance Artist (Press Kit Intensive)



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