"...When the lights go out, this captivating memory stays before the eyes of the audience." — Le Monde

"...Come on in! The city is crazy about them! This spectacle swept all of London off its feet – it is the most colourful and enthralling event ever." — Daily Herald

"...They said the Ensemble contains 100 members, but when those young, energetic people came on stage, it seemed like there were over a thousand of them." — The New York Times

"...the ŚLĄSK Ensemble literally whisks the audience off their seats." — Neue Berliner Illustrierte

"...Such direction is quite rare. Despite fantastic discipline, the whole spectacle seems to be an improvised play. The artists enjoyed it as much as the audience." — Stockholm Tidningen


The Stanisław Hadyna Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk” is one of the most recognizable artistic brands in Poland and abroad. Its repertoire includes over a dozen artistic programmes - from great spectacles that bring a colorful and dynamic panorama of folklore from all regions of the country to educational concerts and presentations of classical and sacral music.

Founded in 1953, "Śląsk" is the lifetime achievement of Stanisław Hadyna and Elwira Kamińska, to whom the Ensemble owes the foundations of its brilliance. Today, "Śląsk" is a cultural institution with huge performance capacity, realizing about 200 concerts a year. The Ensemble consists of more than a hundred artists: choir, ballet and orchestra. Its repertoire features both programs whose performance involves the full artistic lineup, as well as individual artistic groups and soloists. Regardless of the venue or the specifics of the event, the 'ŚLĄSK' Ensemble is ready to carry out a concert at the highest artistic level.

A great Ambassador of Poland to the world - "Śląsk" has performed over 9 thousand concerts for over 27 million spectators in 44 countries on five continents. Since May 2017, the "Śląsk" Ensemble has been the Cultural Institution of the Government of the Silesian Voivodeship co-managed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Touring Programs/ Video Links:

In Europe with 'ŚLĄSK':

A colorful presentation of songs and dances characteristic of the Member States of the European Union, in the context of the most popular Polish folk pieces from the repertoire of the 'ŚLĄSK' Song and Dance Ensemble.

Here comes Poland

A concert that showcases the beauty of national culture in the context of regional heritage. The performance contains folk songs and dances characteristic of different regions of Poland, enriched with national dance choreography. The dynamic nature of the concert and its colorful stage costumes create a spectacle that takes the audience on a journey to the world of picturesque folk culture.


The artistically multidimensional performance "FOLK CROSSROAD" is a continuation of the theme of the marriage of folk culture and modern forms of stage expression, which "SLĄSK" has very successfully introduced on the stages of theaters as a diversification of an otherwise rich repertoire..


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