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"Rudi and Julia have this special mix of artistic integrity, a signature style married to a truly compelling vision, and a hardworking ethos; they clearly build on the legacy of their predecessors Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkahoui and Hofesh Shechter. Yet as a new generation, they are doing something in their own terms, honing in on the communal and spiritual nature the experience of dance and asking us to join them." — Eva Martinez, Sadler's Wells' Former Artistic Programmer

"Infinite, a wonder that transcends the limits of dance and movement to become a creation that is both unclassified and extraordinary." — Marc Sabater,

"Rather than counter the popular cliche of contemporary dance as "rolling around on the floor", they made it credible by being so damn good at it." — Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

"The rigour, beauty, skill and the message of Infinite are impressive; it is a journey through time and space and a meditation, and also an offer to think about the world a little differently and to breath! Infinite is inventive, well researched, really well danced with fine production values." — Dora Frankel, British Theatre Guide


HUMANHOOD is one of the most extraordinary dance artists to experience. A timeless reverberance pervades their every movement. It is captivating. At every level. Leaving you both breathless and full of artistic oxygen simultaneously.

There is that moment when you realize you are witnessing the emergence of a new art form, a new artist, ready to ride a new wave. That time is now. And that artist is HUMANHOOD. —Jodi Kaplan

HUMANHOOD’s mystical, colossal, and award-winning dance performances are based on the fusion of ancient mysticism — past, the inner world — and modern science — future, the outer world — within the human body— present, the illusionary barrier between the inner and outer worlds. They create mystical and colossal dance production bringing art for transformation into the world’s most recognised theatres across five continents.

Co-founders Julia Robert and Rudi Cole are world-class artists, choreographers, and movement guides who have performed with Akram Khan, Hofesh Schechter, Jasmin Vardimon and among others. They joined together in establishing HUMANHOOD in 2016 to develop the unique, symbiotic, choreographic movement language that is notoriously known for its exquisite fluidity and powerful rhythm.

HUMANHOOD has achieved utmost international acclaim, most notably performing at Sadler’s Wells in London, Festival Grec Barcelona and at the Venice Biennale. HUMANHOOD was selected as the featured artist at the 2022 Cinars Biennale.

HUMANHOOD has recently been invited to create a new commissioned work on the Nederlands Dans Theater. Their entrancing videos have attracted over 150k followers on their Instagram platforms @humanhooddanceco and @humanhood_.

"Our passion for the power of movement, dance and transformation is so strong that it could only be harmonized with someone special who shares the same passion and vision to take art where it has never been before. Jodi Kaplan x HUMANHOOD is something the world has been waiting for." — HUMANHOOD

Touring Programs/ Video Links:

Stay tuned for details of a HUMANHOOD Fall 2024 U.S. and Canada Tour, which will be shared in the coming months. Additional touring availability in 2025.


A return to the tribal, where rhythm takes over the performer and the viewer, in a piece that fuses physics and spirituality.

This piece is a journey that starts far out in the cosmos and implodes into planet Earth where a communal rhythm is shared and expressed by humans, merging the energetic synergy and physical vocabulary of HUMANHOOD into a tribal hurricane of effortless fluidity. Light, movement and sound are at the core of a show in which the perception of time is altered to recreate a world where rhythm becomes visual, sonic and kinaesthetic.

Imagine a circle that rotates around an axis with a point anchored in the same plane. A three-dimensional figure is drawn, this figure is commonly known as a donut for its shape and it is found everywhere in nature, from an apple to the Earth’s magnetic field, and described in Eastern practices as the energetic field: Torus.


Dossier & Tech Rider


{Infinite} is Julia Robert and Rudi Cole's first Dance Theatre Meditation in which they guide the audience through a mystical journey. The outside world of the magical dance on stage will merge with your internal awareness. The premise is movement and consciousness, becoming aware of the infinite power that flows to and through us, giving life to all beings. This group dance resonates and builds into a spiraling flow of powerful dance.



Tech Rider


Multiverse is a hypnotic full-body VR experience that combines interactive cloud-like visuals, bone-conducting bodysuits, synchronized breathing, and immersive sound-score, to create a short but intense journey for their “passengers” — ushering them into a state of gentle relaxation and creative imagination. Museums, galleries, events.


Exclusive performances:

ZERO, a distinguished duet performed by Julia and Rudi themselves, is available for private bookings and exclusive performances. For more information about booking HUMANHOOD's exclusive performance, please reach out to representative Jodi Kaplan at [email protected].


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