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Enzo Celli, Founder and Artistic Director of VIVO Ballet, is an acclaimed Italian dancer, educator, and choreographer. At the age of 26, Celli became the youngest choreographer funded by the Italian Government. From 1996-2015, Celli and his company, Botega, toured internationally and performed works in renowned venues such as La Cigale in Paris, Na Strastnom Theatre in Moscow, National Theatre of Belgrade in Serbia and Teatro Guaira in Brazil. His studies and interests in contemporary dance intensified and continually brought him to the United States throughout the years teaching as a guest choreographer at places such as Sarah Lawrence College and Peridance Capezio Center, and Sam Houston State University in Texas. In 2015, Celli founded his New York-based dance company, VIVO Ballet and its accompanying training center, and in 2018, Enzo Celli officially moved to New York to establish himself as an American choreographer.

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Giselle Enzo's full-length Giselle is set with a dreamy space in colors of gray that represents the memory of Albrecht. He sometimes misremembers, leaving a distorted image. The dance is full of symbolism, with choreography that comes charging for the audience... a ride they will experience as Albrecht attempts to rewind the tape of his own memory. The distortion of reality becomes even more apparent in the second act which is set in a women`s prison. In Celli's rendition of this classic ballet, the willis are dressed as prisoners, and Giselle appears in an elegant dress that continually changes colors until it becomes a deep red, a symbol of martyrdom. A tragic ending awaits, weaving a dramatic and otherworldly tale of the mind decayed.

Crisalidi Just as the pupa precedes the butterfly, the dancer spends years and years training themselves struggling to grow and improve to achieve a final form. A bildungsroman of sorts, Crisalidi draws inspiration from this process to explore the parallel storyline of personal development and the fight against inadequacy.

Fragile Set to the music of Debussy, Fragile is a dance interpretation of Nijinsky`s diary. The stage is set in an imaginary scene that represents the mind of this great dancer at the peak of his insanity. The artists onstage are nothing other than a projection of Nijinsky’s mind.


Set in the exploration of a society which chooses to ignore its responsibilities, Gabbatha explores fear and our inability to recognize pain driven by isolation.

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