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Led by KC Bevis, Crash has emerged as the premier fusion-style contemporary dance company in the Midwest. Placing an emphasis on both athleticism and accessibility, the company is most notably recognized for its combination of hip hop and concert dance techniques to create a uniquely stylized aesthetic. The company has toured extensively, sharing their highly-theatrical works and spreading their mission of blending street and classic dance on stage across the country. Featuring versatile, outrageously fun, and high-energy performers and thrilling choreography, Crash is a must-see.

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Repertoire Reel

Boom's Day
After a vague and expansive “boom” takes the fun out of everything, our eight-year-old narrator, whose memory and grasp of her surroundings are questionable, keeps it simple in the apocalypse by keeping her distance—no partners, no playmates, just her and her boombox. When events join her with one person, then another (and another), she has to make choices: friends or family, love or blood, peace or freedom. Add a greedy gang of marauders and a distant city beyond the wastelands, and the result is a story combining comedy and suspense with a ton of stylistic, high-energy movement.

Bricklayers of Oz
`Bricklayers of Oz` serves as the flagship production of Crash's historic 15th Anniversary Season, `Bricklayers` is an action-packed, lighthearted street tale of the lesser known laborers that toil within The Land of Oz. Crash's hip hop fusion style full of flips & spins help tell the story of the Wicked Witch and her plan to coax others into building her a magical road.

Lil Pine Nut
The wise old Cricket of our tale died before the lights go up via a hammer to the head; he aids our wooden hero as a ghost in a journey that is `not a kid`s show per se, but definitely suitable for children` according to creator Jessica Deahr. Pinocchio experiences firsthand the good and bad consequences of ditching school, trying to get rich quick, embracing the spotlight and grasping mortality. All the while, the Midwest`s premier concert hip hop company weaponizes their branded aesthetic of high-energy movement in conjunction with recognizable hip hop and pop music artists, stylized costumes and forward-moving narration.

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