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Founded in 2007 in Milan by four renowned acrobatic artists, Liberi Di Physical Theatre combines circus, dance, and physical theatre in visually-exciting, dramatic productions that are entertaining for all ages. Liberi Di Physical Theatre has performed internationally at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and recently toured to New York City, completing a two-week run of their show, `Something` at The New Victory Theater with rave reviews. The company also runs a training center in Milan that teaches anyone the art of acrobatics, aerial dance, and contortion. With three touring programs at the ready, there is something for everyone at a Liberi Di Physical Theatre performance.

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Circus, dance and physical theatre create the language of this funny and dynamic show in which ordinary everyday situations are never really ordinary. The cast moves on the stage and in the air from one tableau to the next, creating a colorful turnover of situations ranging from poetic and dreamlike to absurd and crazy. Something literally goes from Chopin to rock and roll and revisits some the classical circus acts in ways you have never experienced.

Inevolution runs through the entire story of a lifetime. In a celebration of the human body and its possibilities of expressing meanings and emotions, the show brings the audience back to the very first breath, it goes through the complexity of human relationships, to the magic of romantic love, and follows the path of human life until the end, and even further. Rich in acrobatic and aerial choreographies the show reaches its climax with the final water bowl act in which the stage is flooded and the artists find a new way to be on stage exploiting the charm that water brings.

Spectraculum is horror circus brought to a new level. It features very dark scary atmospheres and hilarious moments. It tells the story of an unlucky young woman who is kidnapped by an evil witch and her fellow monsters. The show is rich in dance, physical theatre and a lot of flying acts. While costumes and make up surely play their part, the real magic is brought to the audience by the interactive 3D video projections that create the settings of the story. Not recommended for children under 7 years of age.

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