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Found Movement Group, based in Nashville, is a diverse dance ensemble of movers of different backgrounds integrated to form a creative whole. Featuring dancers of all ages, sizes, genders, races, and ability levels, this company with an inclusive mission produces hard-hitting dance with social consciousness. Found provides its audience the opportunity to dive into a world which is set in nontraditional performance settings with innovative lighting design and intricate costumes, all top off with acrobatic choreography and physical acting. The company also places an emphasis on quality movement education and even has a youth company counterpart giving young dancers the opportunity to create and explore their art without judgement or the pressures of competition.

Touring Programs/ Video Links:

the way i see it

This work explores how we come to a place of understanding others` perspectives and finding an appreciation for how people see the world through the many facets it offers.

For them, 4 us, Four me`s For us

Found Movement Group dissects the idea of Charles Johnston`s inner characters in an exploration of the self. Direction by Stacie M. Flood-Popp and choreography as a collaboration with the company, Found asks if societal tendencies towards normalcy create sameness. Throughout a life time we form personalities, selves, which allow us to approach life with excitement and interest. Discover who you are. Discover who we are.


Found Movement Group celebrates their 10th anniversary with their new production, Foundten. Co-founder, artistic director, and heart of the company, Stacie Flood-Popp, once again brings together an ensemble of talented dancers, both from the past and the present.


`GRADIENT` chronicles the struggle of a young woman, torn between the light and dark sides of her own humanity. All of this coupled with emotive and stimulating visuals, `GRADIENT` promises to be a truly unique live event that will leave the audience with a lasting impression.

In this House

The company explores the following questions: Does love exceeds life and death? Is love held by the walls that bind us? Once you have found the one you will be with forever, there is nothing that can separate one another.... not even death.


A surreal depiction of four definitions of Ugly. Found provides a two-act production of nonstop dynamic dance that asks the audience how they define their physical, social and moral ugliness. What is so wrong with this word? UGLY will leave the audience wanting to ask more


We all have different perceptions about what a kiss means. Found Movement Group explores the different aspects of sexuality and the outside perceptions from different perspectives.

I saw you tomorrow

It is only when we have grown strong roots that can we stand alone, looking back on our past to say, `I am who I am, because of us.` `I saw you tomorrow` is Found Movement Groups` first ever full-length performance. In this work the company takes the spectator on a ride from the playful innocence of youth to the trials of adulthood. The show is built around the belief that every interaction in our life creates a stronger foundation for our future.

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