For the past five years, Producer Jodi Kaplan has booked extensive tours throughout China, partnering with the prestigious Poly Theater Group to bring USA dance artists into the best theaters in the country - with venues seating 1,000-2,000 in 60 different cities! We are now expanding to include international companies and larger scale productions as well.

Jodi Kaplan�s agency has successfully booked five incredible tours in China to date. Each one 6-9 weeks in length and covering up to 47 cities geographically.
Jodi Kaplan / Booking Dance is planning even more touring in Asia for 2020, during the Olympics in Beijing in 2022 and beyond!

In 2019, the Colombian National Ballet completed a tour of 28 different cities, performing 28 shows in China of their captivating production of the ballet "Don Quixote".

In 2018, CATAPULT successfully performed in 20 of the top theaters in China with their amazing shadow dancing.

In 2017, FJK Dance performed a record-breaking 31-city tour featuring a stunning program of fusion dance integrating middle eastern and ballroom with ballet, their signature style never seen before in Asia.

In 2016, Bellydance Evolution took in accolades for their 28 city / 35 performance tour throughout China of a crowd- pleasing production of "Alice in Wonderland."

In 2015, State Street Ballet gave a whirlwind 34 performances in 25 Chinese cities featuring their romantic ballet "Beauty and The Beast."



Colombia National Ballet 2019- 28 Cities

CATAPULT 2018- 20 Cities

FJK 2018- 31 Cities

Bellydance Evolution 2016- 28 Cities
35 Performances

State Street Ballet 2015- 25 Cities
34 Performances




"What makes Jodi Kaplan so exceptional is her enthusiasm. She is enthusiastic about my ideas as a choreographer, the direction of my company and my goals as an artist. This enthusiasm bubbles over into her work with presenters, fellow agents and all of her clients and artists, thus securing her place as one of the most productive and well liked booking agents in dance."
– Rebecca Stenn, Artistic Director
Rebecca Stenn Company





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