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Beijing City Contemporary Dance Company was founded in 2005 by renowned dancer Aimin Teng. Under his vision, the company has created groundbreaking contemporary dance works that also explore China`s splendid national culture. In addition to serving as Artistic Director for BCCDC, Aimin Teng will direct the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The company has toured internationally throughout Europe and Asia and has received critical acclaim for their latest collaborative work, Shiv Yin, which bridges Chinese and Indian civilization together through dance and music.

Touring Programs/ Video Links:

Guo Se
Guo Se is an evening length work exploring the ultimate meaning of life and humanity as revealed in the philosophical ideas from Lao Tzu`s Tao Te Ching. This modern dance delves into the richness of Chinese Taichi culture, combining symbolic traditional Chinese dance styles within contemporary choreographic techniques. The black and white color scheme of the costumes represents the interactions and counteractions of Yin and Yang. As the drama unfolds to reflect the lovers` emotions and longing for freedom, the atmosphere shifts from a white-and- black stance to a colorful tones. Guo Se`s movement quality embodies firmness within fluid dynamics and is a true masterpiece.

Shiv-Yin is an evening length work combining the forces of Chinese and Indian dance into a fusion of magnificence. Shiv-Yin is a collaboration between Aimin Teng, Artistic Director of the Beijing City Contemporary Dance Company, and the internationally recognized Bharatanatyam choreographer Rukmini Chatterjee from India. Together they create a beautiful love story between two extraordinary cultures that surpass time and space:

By heaven,
I shall love you,
Till the end of time!
Till mountains crumble,
Streams run dry,
Thunder rumbles in winter,
Snow falls in summer,
And the earth mingles with the sky,
Not till then will I cease to love you...
-Han Dynasty Poet Shang Xie

The work premiered in November 2017 at Beijing Weilai Theatre followed by a tour in India.

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