Boutique Roster

The Boutique Roster is an eclectic group of dance companies ready to tour! These artists perform a range of styles from modern to aerial to dance inspired by Irish and Indian culture. Fees are reasonable - generally $10,000 and under! To help foster the growth of artists with great talent and potential, JK&A represents these companies at booking conferences, assisting them in establishing contacts in the world of performing arts presentation; the companies then handle their own booking arrangements.

International Boutique Roster

JK&A now represents international dance companies on this new Boutique Roster featuring the best in world dance.

For booking, please contact companies directly. For general inquiries, contact Boutique Roster Associate [email protected]

Applications for the 2012-2013 Boutique Roster are accepted through May 1, 2012. Click here for more information.


Alban Elved Dance Company
(Berlin/USA) | Click to Watch Video

ALBAN ELVED DANCE COMPANY was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1997 by artistic director and choreographer Karola Lüttringhaus to form an outlet for her diverse artistic pursuits. Ms Lüttringhaus creates dance-theatre that blends multiple art forms with a truly unique and visceral kinetic voice. She extracts the psychology of human existence and distills it into an arcane and dynamic elegance that embraces intellect and instinct in equal measure. Her work is fiercely physical, tracing the changeable electricity of thought and sensation that underlies human interaction and interpersonal relationships. Merging American experiences with her European roots she draws the viewer into enchanting, startling and evocative psychological landscapes.

“A  raw moment of truth...”    
-Dance Magazine, New York City.

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Arcane Collective (Ireland/USA) | Click to Watch Video

ARCANE COLLECTIVE  is a dance co-op of international artists from interdisciplinary backgrounds, founded by Morleigh Steinberg and Oguri. Presenting work steeped in     poetic resonance, each production invokes an unprecedented theatrical engagement   that carves its way into the lasting psyche of its audiences. The work pushes the boundaries of conventional dance while altering perceptions of the body, space, and time.

“Oguri, the master, is in a class by himself.  And he surpassed even himself in this piece… a memorable theatrical event” 
-Laura Bleiberg, The Orange County Register

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Compagnie Humaine (France) 

Founded in 2003 by Eric Oberdorff, internationally renowned choreographer, Compagnie Humaine is a French independent contemporary dance company, developing projects bringing together freelance artists from various disciplines: dancers, composers, filmmakers, visual artists, stage and costume designers, photographers, writers. Audiences and critics use the same word to describe the artistic work of the company, "human", as its choreography and its movement show - even confront - all the contradictory energies that drive us: poetry and violence, weight in the ground and absolute lightness, softness and sharpness, strength and tenderness.

“...Eric Oberdorff works on a stage of pain which is often left over, before which many performances often stop. The one which comes after the pain, from the reconstruction, whether intimate or collective. The time of the scar, this magic stage when it closes and becomes trace, and sometimes ornament...”
– Eve Beauvallet, Mouvement magazine (France)

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2012-2013 International
Boutique Roster:
  Alban Elved Dance Company
  Arcane Collective
  Compagnie Humaine

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