Alban Elved Dance Company (Berlin/USA)

ALBAN ELVED DANCE COMPANY was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1997 by artistic director and choreographer Karola Lüttringhaus to form an outlet for her diverse artistic pursuits. Ms Lüttringhaus creates dance-theatre that blends multiple art forms with a truly unique and visceral kinetic voice. She extracts the psychology of human existence and distills it into an arcane and dynamic elegance that embraces intellect and instinct in equal measure. Her work is fiercely physical, tracing the changeable electricity of thought and sensation that underlies human interaction and interpersonal relationships. Merging American experiences with her European roots she draws the viewer into enchanting, startling and evocative psychological landscapes.

“A  raw moment of truth...” - Dance Magazine, New York City.

Touring Programs

50 min. - solo with interactive technology and animated projections
'VITA' (lat. life), a visually complex and stylized/abstract contemporary dance work, investigates our tendency to create extensions of ourselves to help us understand who we are and to establish order whenever possible. 'VITA' is a 21st century work. It uses a technologically mediated environment to comment on the impact our imagination has on our world. 'VITA', in collaboration with Samuel Allen Taylor, is the company's 5th FREE SPACE collaboration with university science departments and/or independent scientists. The dancer plays Mr. Taylor’s exquisite musical composition live on stage by means of a sensor suit that tracks velocity, flexion, light and G-forces, shaping an ever evolving sound score while offering a music concert experience of exquisitely visual nature. Technology elegantly augments the physically visceral choreography, sculptural elements and visual effects.
residency & community project
INERTIA is a personal account and an emotional response to the terrifying potential of human cruelty. INERTIA is based on an intensive rehearsal process, research, images, participants’ grandparents and parents stories and interviews with Holocaust survivors. With each city visited, INERTIA is re-worked with members of the community ages 7-75. 
An important aspect of the project is the after-performance discussion with the audience, which easily lasts up to 1 hour.
Other works from the repertoire are available for touring

Ma Lüttringhaus teaches master classes and workshops (intermediate, advanced, professionals) in contemporary technique, partnering and choreography.

Click here to view a video of Ms Lüttringhaus teaching high school students.

“She is an outstanding teacher, gifted in many unique areas of dance. During her     residency at UNLV she taught all levels of modern dance technique. Her teaching in all classes brought in-depth knowledge and appreciation of dance to the UNLV student population as well as promoting better student technique. Unique to her background is a strong ability to teach contemporary dance partnering and weight sharing. Karola Lüttringhaus is an artist. It is clear that she has developed a body of choreographed works that spring from a unique vision and a unique kinetic intelligence. ...Simply put, the project was brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed. It was a moment that becomes a paramount experience in a dancers development.”
-Louis Kavouras (chair of Dance Department, UNLV):

Performance Calendar



Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC, USA



Salem College, NC 
APAP / Ailey Citigroup Theater – New York City



Emory & Henry College, VA

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